“Straight talk about mental tests” added to the collection

We have gotten our hands on the only book by Art that wasn’t in the collection. It is there now, so you may want to give it a read. Compared to his other books, this one is less technical and more, well, straight talk. It shows a less academic side of Art.

A quote:

All perceptive parents notice differences between their children. Good parents try to emphasize the strong points of each child, whatever they may be, and give help where it is needed. The aim should be to help each child develop in his or her own way, each find­ ing appropriate avenues for achievement, approval, reward, and self­ esteem. Parents should not try to exact the same goals and the same standards for each child. Unquestionably the challenge of successful parenthood is greater when there are exceptionally large disparities between children in general ability, talents, or other natural gifts. Parental pride and a child’s self-pride should stem from his own efforts and actual accomplishments, not from natural gifts. “Gift” implies just that. The recipient and his parents should feel lucky and humbly grateful, rather than be proud or boastful. Superiority in natural gifts is a blessing, not a moral virtue. [p. 243]

The quote is from a section of the book dealing with questions received from readers following Art’s appearance on a talk show. We had no idea Art was on a talk show, but it sounds like something that should be showcased here. The show in question is The Phil Donahue Show. We have not been able to find the actual episode, so we would appreciate if someone one send it to us.